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Rents Are Coming Down
Feb 8, 2009

The tide has changed in the retail rental market. Rents are coming down and at a fast pace.
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How To Value A Beauty Salon
Jan 20, 2015

What is your small business worth? You could pay a valuation firm thousands of dollars for a precise answer, or you could follow some rules of thumb and get pretty darn close for free. Like this.
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Sell My Store Fast!
Oct 23, 2014

As a broker, we're always asked, how fast can you sell my store? Of course, I smile with a grin and reply how reasonable are you going to be with your price? How good are your financials? How well have you run your business?
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Understanding Retail Leases
Feb 19, 2009

A lease is an agreement granting use or occupation of real property during a particular period in exchange for a specified rent. At common law, the lease was traditionally regarded as a conveyance of interest in land, subject to the doctrine of caveat emptor ("let the buyer beware").
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Buying a Liquor Store
May 19, 2012

Unlike many small businesses, due to strict regulations there are many steps one should before buying a liquor store for sale. These seven steps will put you on the right track to buy a liquor store legally.
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Stimulus bill aims to boost SBA lending
Feb 8, 2009

The initial House version of the economic stimulus bill would give the Small Business Administration $430 million to revive its ailing loan programs. The bill would increase the government guarantee...
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Seller Financing - How to Secure A Note
Apr 21, 2009

The financial markets are facing some of the most challenging times never seen before in generations, making buying a business a tougher proposition than just 18 months ago. During these times, lenders go to the extreme, as though their parent had just scolded them, and hunt for any possible reason to decline business purchase loans. They've been burnt.
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Feb 8, 2009

ISSUE This is a good question for every Seller to read and understand. A client asked: �Do I pay taxes on the entire sale price of my restaurant/business or is it only on any profit made�. example If I owe $200,000 and I sell it for $300,000 do I only pay taxes on $100,000?�
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