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SellingStores specializes in selling retail and service businesses. Most of the time, we represent Sellers. But there are times when we can represent a Buyer.  We don't do dual agency relationships.


Our business model is unique. First, we specialize in brokering retail and service. Few brokers specialize.

Second, we advertise on at least seven different websites with our flagship website being the center hub of activity.

Third, our agents are professional, intelligent and discrete. They've been trained specifically to broker retail businesses.

Fourth, we have more than 20 agents covering two states with hundreds of listings that helps us attract thousands of new buyers each year giving us a very deep and diversified buyer database and providing us with a high success rate in closing deals.

Finally, our business model attracts 700+ new buyers each month. These buyers register at our website where we maintain a relationship with them by e-blasting our listing to them 2-3 times a week. No broker can make all these claims.

So give the salesperson nearest you a call to put us to work for you!


Thank you

Mel Jones

President & CEO


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