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I was waiting for the transaction to be totally wrapped up before I write you and thank you for having delivered your part of our collective efforts to get consents and assignments from the various landlords. I certainly recognize that given the additional conditions added by Panda to the consents, they would have to conduct much of the direct negotiation. In any event, it does appear that we will get all nine stores sold even though there are still some loose ends to tie up.
...Thank you for having been a reliable and responsive service provider to Manchuwok and I also look forward to other opportunities to work with you.
Kelvin Chen
President & CEO of Manchu Wok USA, Inc.
"Using Paramount Brokers to help sell my restaurant was a very good business decision. They assisted in determining a competitive market sales price that got me the attention and offering bid that I wanted. They handled all of the legal transferring documentation with skill and commitment. I had no trouble communicating with them as they were always available when I needed. After I sold the store I opened another one and will not hesitate to involve them again when the time to sell is right. Thank you "Selling Restaurants"!"
Jay W Akely
Ben Juiced, LLC
La Quinta, CA
"Family circumstances made it impossible for us to run our restaurants any longer. We were put in touch with Puffin So of Selling and the rest is history. From deciding on a selling price to the final escrow papers, Puffin was knowledgeable, courteous, competent and helpful. She was very professional in navigating us through every aspect of the selling process. We would highly recommend her to our friends, and how can you have more confidence in a person than that?"
Neil and Melissa Fishkin

"We'd like to say that Rodger has been a wonderful broker who has gone above and beyond to help us with the buying process. We highly recommend him and SellingRestaurants."
Nicole Aguilar
Team Pizza, Redlands CA.
"Thanks for everything. You have helped us in two deals now and I would recommend your services to anyone. It was especially helpful in keeping a complicated emotional deal on a level, constructive path. Hope you and your family have a great holiday."
Darren Chadderdon & Michelle Mazza
The Rawbar Restaurant, Chico CA.

"We greatly appreciate your assistance, honesty and support to us during the sale of Pasghetti's. We felt confident in your representation of us even though we were not your client. We know you probably saved us thousands of dollars and we wish we could re-pay you accordingly. We will continue to recommend you and use you for any transactions we will have in the future."
Lao and Mary Valenzuela and Linda Giusti
Pasghetti's, Roseville CA.

"I have used Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. to handle two of my restaurant sale transactions. Both times they have managed to turn what seemed to be impossible deals into closed transactions where we got top-dollar for our restaurants. They have the skills to navigate through difficult situations with lenders, buyers, and landlords. They're smart, professional, well prepared and easy to work with. We'll use them again and again."
Ted Fulmer
The Black Crow, Chico Ca.

"I've used SellingRestaurants 4 times now; twice to purchase restaurants and twice to sell restaurants. Their business model is unique and has produced great results for me. Although they didn't represent me on the purchases, I always felt they had my interest at heart too. They take pride in making sure the deal goes smoothly and gets closed as quickly as possible. And on the sales side, they sold my restaurants in a matter of days. Their marketing and advertising strategy is like no other broker I've experienced. My restaurants got fast and wide exposure to countless buyers resulting in fast sales. I have 5 restaurants now, and I plan on continuing to use SellingRestaurants for all my brokerage needs and I also recommend using them. They're professional and smart!"
Aamer Khan
Owner of Vientos, Ricardos, Zinfandel Grille & Bar.

"To whom it Concerns:
I have been working with SellingRestaurants for about two years and made more money from them then all my businesses combined this year. When I first spoke with SellingRestaurants, they suggested a building in Southern California that I had no interest in since I live in Sacramento. They insisted I see it. When I finally flew down there, I was impressed but not convinced. SellingRestaurants got me demographical information as well as a great overall picture of the market and the potential for this site. After hearing his "sales pitch," I did my own research and found SellingRestaurants was absolutely honest in their assessment. I acquired the building and have made what most people would consider a fortune. About six months ago, SellingRestaurants again presented another opportunity whereby the end result was the property was valued at more than twice the purchase price. SellingRestaurants is not a money making machine, rather they are excellent at identifying opportunities where most brokers see challenges. Beyond the financial return, SellingRestaurants has provided me with something greater...TRUST! Whenever I have needed anything, SellingRestaurants is there to help. I have called perhaps 10 times or more for favors above and beyond the call of duty, even after a deal has closed. When SellingRestaurants says "If you need any thing, just call me" they mean it! SellingRestuarants has not let me down. SellingRestaurants is not pushy, they are honest, and an EXTREMELY hard working team. I rarely trust people and I'm proud to include them as part of my circle of friends."
Harwinder Bisla
Buyer and Seller of Restaurant Properties
Bisla Properties, LLC
Sacramento, CA.

"Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job. We loved the way everything went. No pressure and your willingness to work with us is what we liked best. Other brokers always try to close the deal and not care what the buyer needs and is looking for. Thank you for all your help. When we are ready to grow and purchase another business we will definitely go with you."
Nestor & Gabbie Nidome
Fontana, Ca.
"I would like to say thank you for all the help you have given to us all this time.  Steve has helped us during the first time we were looking for a restaurant, go through the entire sales process, and make sure we don’t make any possible mistakes.
Steve is a truly professional in his field.  He always ready when you need him, he always has all of the answer you might need, and he can warm you with his friendly laugh and kindness.  He is not only a sales professional, but also a good advisor, he will give you all knowledge you will need when you want to buy a restaurant.  All you need to do is just ask him.
Once again, I strongly recommend Steve in case you need his service."
Sobiran Karim
Sacramento, Ca.
Solo Cafe
I have sold my Johnny Rockets restaurant, and since then I am looking for another fast food place. All the web sights are done very unprofessional, yours is very easy to navigate, nice pictures, which are very important, and in most cases if you agree to the confidentiality agreement, the address is available too.
Benny Borsakian
Thanks for all your help with selling our place. You understood our needs and told us what to expect during the selling process. The escrow company did fantastic job in getting the info to all state depts. If our family situation changes and we get the notion to open another location we will contact you for sure!  happy holidays,
Rudy and Debbie Yglesias
El Taco Mio
Hi Mel,
I met with Mike and Dave Hunter this morning.  While I do have a business partner who has a say in the decision making process, for my 2 cents, I was very impressed with how they represented your company.  I felt Dave had a very thorough knowledge of this business and while he said that Mike was new and in training, I still got the impression that he was a very sharp guy and thorough in his preparation as well.
Too many times you'll only get feedback from people when they want to bitch about something.  If we ultimately use you service and I feel we will, I want you to know that my comfort level would be high knowing that I had these guys on the project.
Thank you,
Jim Glen
Shooter's Billiards
Mel, your company "Rocks!"  I love it.
Many Thanks
Keith Simpson
Murphy's Orish Pub
Dear Larry:
I can't say enough good things about Larry Braden at SellingRestaurants and
the help he was in selling our restaurant.  The buyer proved to be very
difficult, as it was his first purchase.  Larry professional and calmly
navigated everyone through a number of issues to closing.

He was professional throughout the process and I would highly recommend him
to anyone buying or selling a restaurant.


Smokn' Dick's BBQ
"I would recommend John Powers without any reservation.  He is a good communicator and an effective deal-maker. I have encountered many agents in the past and I can say without hesitation that John was the easiest to work with.  I look forward to working with him on future purchases. " 

C.S. Choi
Seattle, WA
Thank you Keith. We lucked out when we got you to broker the deal as you are doing a great job for everyone.
Sacramento, CA.
Thanks Rob,

And let me complement you on your website.  Fast, easy and comprehensive.  No BS.  Thank you most for the online NDA.  I will return to your site as you folks seem to be the only brokers that don't waste my time.

Thanks again.

Cynthia Hillman

San Diego, Ca.

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